Deliver meaningful and efficient care with the flexibility and height-adjustability of Aidin.
Alpine’s durable construction, ergonomic support, and comfort makes this collection of seating a sure fit in healthcare environments.
Alterna provides solutions for standard patient environments, waiting places, and caregiver spaces, along with customizable solutions for breakrooms, conference spaces, and administrative areas.
An easily adaptable solution for healthcare accessories to ensure the support of patients and caregivers.
Behnti provides additional seating that is both functional and stylish in areas where space is at a premium.
Elevates the experience and brings a bold aesthetic to community areas.
A thoughtfully designed family of seating featuring clean, modern lines and an elevated design aesthetic.
Delivering comfortable spaces for family interaction and quiet reflection without sacrificing the homelike aesthetic.
Designed around patient comfort, wellbeing, and the enhancement of caregiver efficiency, Ezzeri redefines the category of patient seating.
Greer is a modern, modest, full-function patient recliner built with features focused on human needs within the healing environment.
Blending ottomans and tables to create serene, comfortable, and safe environments.
A holistic family of recliners designed for human needs within the healing environment. Meadow offers comfort, smooth motion, and features that support spatial efficiency in a variety of applications.
Featuring multiple options and finishes, our Overbed Tables are sure to provide patient comfort and security.
A family of seating components that is designed to address the constraints of today's community spaces while providing a pleasant and productive experience.
A classic stool for exam and treatment areas that provides mobility to physicians and caregivers.

A universal stool fit for any environment.

A thoughtfully designed stool and collaborative chair that supports caregivers in multiple applications.
Created to accommodate your personal storage needs, Sanctuary’s multiple options provide easy solutions for creating a custom look without a custom price.
A multipurpose lounge chair supporting patients and guests that easily converts to a sleeper for overnight guest stay.
Spruce, a highly adaptable, mid-century modern collection offers both aesthetic and functional value.
Lounge seating that meets the critical needs of today’s behavioral wellness facilities without sacrificing comfort.
Sycamore Metal is a durable seating line that doesn't sacrifice quality and comfort.
Sycamore Wood fully represents the highest level of patient and visitor care and comfort.
A fresh, transitional family of seating with cleanability and comfort fit for a multitude of environments.
Brings respite to the healing process and elevates patient care.
Revitalize any community space with Villa Health’s classic family of lounge seating.
A sleep sofa constructed with thoughtful features that is sure to deliver comfort to family and guests during overnight stays.
A functional and elegant solution with slim, beautiful curves.
With a modern but extremely durable silhouette, Whittaker Health was designed to align to the needs of the health landscape.
A plush family of lounge seating, guest seating, benches and tables.
An easily stored, comfortable seating option for additional guests when needed.