Embra Sleep Sofa

Embra Sleep Sofa
Delivering comfortable spaces for family interaction and quiet reflection without sacrificing the homelike aesthetic.
Designed by
5D Studio
5D Studio
5D Studio is a multidisciplinary studio with expertise in graphic design and contract furniture and interior design. Behind the leadership of David Ritch and Mark Saffell, 5D is founded on the passion for design. With David studying Urban Planning and receiving a BS in Industrial Design, and Mark’s BFA in Interior Architecture, the two have been involved in various furniture projects and have collaborated with a broad range of furniture clients. Their experience spans highly developmental ergonomic task seating to more fashion driven soft seating products, such as Embra. Mark & David take pride in solving problems, understanding their clients, and providing the best possible solution for their needs.
Embra provides comfortable spaces for family interaction and quiet reflection with a homelike aesthetic.
The path toward healing isn’t just about medicine. It’s an interconnected journey involving mind, body, and spirit, strengthened by the support given from one’s caregivers, family, and friends. When we nurture all aspects of this journey in tandem – optimal healing occurs.
Addressing this collective experience of healing, Embra Sleep Sofa offers a holistic, human-centered approach for healthcare environments. “Thoughtful and inviting residential elements are infused throughout to soothe and support, enabling patients to better focus on their wellbeing.” – 5D Studio  
Providing warmth, comfort, and aesthetic harmony, Embra Sleep Sofa brings a sense of humanity back to healing spaces to enrich the patient experience and enhance the healing journey. Embra Sleep Sofa is designed to make people feel more at home and at ease in healthcare spaces by respecting their needs for comfort, accommodation, and personal interaction.
Details & Options
Armless Sleep Sofa
Sleep Sofa with Arms
Single-Tier Table
Storage Table
Storage Table with Coat Rack
Tiered Table
Tiered Table with Lamp
Arm Caps
Solid Surface
Tablet Arm
Tablet Arm
Designer White
Platinum Metallic
Contrasting Upholstery
3DL Matte Luxe Bottom Surface
The Embra Sleep Sofas continue the Embra thoughtful design to the patient room. Embra provides comfortable spaces for family interaction and quiet reflection with a homelike aesthetic.

  • Easy to fold down back cushion provides a clean sleep surface in 76” or 80”W
  • Sleep surface is covered with a grey Sure-Chek® antimicrobial material for easy cleaning
  • Visible clean-out
  • Moisture barrier option is available on the seat or seat and inside back
  • Arm caps available in finished beech wood, polyurethane, and solid surface
    • Solid surface option includes EOScu (Cupron Enhanced EOS) Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™ A copper-oxide infused, solid surface material, EOScu kills >99.9% of harmful bacteria within two hours of exposure.
  • Leg frames are casted aluminum with powdercoated paint finish
  • Tablet arm is available for left, right or both locations; constructed of HPL top with 3D Laminate Matte Luxe underside
  • Power/USB (A + C) available for left, right or both locations
  • Various end cap tables such as storage, lighting and coat rack feature rounded corners and sides