Spruce Behavioral Wellness

Spruce Behavioral Wellness
Lounge seating that meets the critical needs of today’s behavioral wellness facilities without sacrificing comfort.
Details & Options
No Arm Caps
Solid Surface
Contrasting Upholstery
Sealed Under-Structure with
Tamper-Proof Screws and Glides
Thoughtfully designed, Spruce offers solutions to meet the unique and critical needs of today's behavioral wellness facilities. Spruce's single seat lounge creates safe environments that are both serene and comfortable while still offering modern aesthetics and functional value.

  • Weighted for safety
  • Wall-saver legs
  • Spring seat
  • Clean-out between seat and back
  • Closed arm
  • Steel plate seat pan conceals upholstery staples
  • Tamper-resistant glides
  • Arm caps available in finished beech, polyurethane and solid surface
    • Solid surface option includes EOScu (Cupron Enhanced EOS) Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™ A copper-oxide infused, solid surface material, EOScu kills >99.9% of harmful bacteria within two hours of exposure.
  • Complements standard Spruce line for cohesive look