Villa Health

Villa Health
Revitalize any community space with Villa Health’s classic family of lounge seating.
Details & Options
Mobile Lounge Chair
Round Metal
Square Metal
Y Metal
Tapered Wood
Mobile Unit Front Casters
A modern-day classic built for the rigors of healthcare environments, Villa is scaled for a wide variety of spaces and engineered for high traffic lobby and lounge areas. It features a multi-generational design with built-in power and USB connectivity, and clean-out detail.

  • Clean-out
  • Leg options include square, round, y-leg, and wood tapered leg
  • Non-skid, adjustable glides
  • Arm caps available in finished beech wood, 3D laminate, and solid surface
    • Solid surface option includes EOScu (Cupron Enhanced EOS) Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™ A copper-oxide infused, solid surface material, EOScu kills >99.9% of harmful bacteria within two hours of exposure.
  • Tablet arms available on applicable models
  • Power/USB grommets are available on left, right, or left and right front
  • Rounded platinum metallic handle on the back of mobile models only
  • 123 mm dual-wheel black casters on front of Mobile Lounge Chair